Kids ATV's and Dirt Bikes

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Spring is around the corner and you know what that means? It’s time to pull the ATVs or Dirt bikes out of the garage and try to start them up. What? It won’t start? Don’t worry, we have the parts that you need!
Unlike other ATV and Dirt Bike Importers, we actually have replacement and performance parts that you need.
We know, "the dealer you bought it from won’t call you back or help you", but we will. We stock hundreds of parts for off-brand ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Pocket Bikes, Scooters, Go Carts and more.
  1. So let’s start with the basics of maintenance: fuel and spark. We recommend a good maintenance program to keep your recreational vehicle running great year after year. First, install a new plug, new air filter, new fuel filter and change the oil. We sell a starter kit with an NGK plug, Performance Air Filter , Fuel Filter and Castrol GO ATV Easy Start Oil for under $50.00. The first thing we need to check is do you have spark? Without spark, all the fresh gas and new plugs will leave you with the same thing, a BIKE THAT WONT START!
  2. So, how do you check for spark? You can buy a spark plug checker at a local automotive shop, or you can do it the old fashioned way. Remove the spark plug and plug the coil back to the top of the plug so that you can see the end of the plug that screws into the engine. Now hold the plug against the frame to ground it, make sure that you have metal to metal connection. Now turn the engine over, do you see a spark? Did you feel the spark? If you felt the spark, bad news it hurts but good news your CDI , coil and magneto are not the problem. If you didn’t see a spark you are looking most commonly at the CDI. The CDI is the "Capacitive Discharge Ignition" module that controls spark and timing. We have them for hundreds of models so go to and find the one that matches your atv.
  3. Next lets look at fuel. Did you drain the fuel out before you let the atv sit? An easy way to check fuel is to locate the carburetor. At the very bottom of the carburetor you will see a flat screw and a rubber hose . That flat screw drains the bowl of the carburetor and that hose is where the gas will go once you open that screw. Get a clear, empty container and open the screw. Check the gas color, is it clear, yellow or dark brown? If it is anything but clear you have old stale gas and it needs to be drained out of the tank. If nothing comes out at all and you are sure that the gas tank is full and the petcock (fuel Switch) is open then your carburetor is clogged. We recommend getting a can of Carburetor Cleaner, removing the air filter from the back of the carburetor and spray small short bursts while turning the ignition. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU PLACE YOUR VEHICLE ON BLOCKS OR ON A JACK BEFORE DOING THIS! Repeat this step until your vehicle starts on its own without the Carburetor cleaner. If you still cannot get your vehicle to start you will have to rebuild your carburetor or we sell brand new carburetors starting at $35.00.

SO LET SPRING RING IN and if you need parts just contact us at

With gas prices soaring, it is driving more consumers to buy Gas Scooters

With gas prices soaring, it is driving more consumers to buy Gas Scooters, Extreme Motor Sales is seeing a big increase in 125cc / 150cc / 250cc scooter sales.
(PRWEB) April 1, 2007 -- With Gas prices reaching $3.00 per gallon for regular unleaded (and rising), it is no wonder that people are turning to alternative methods of transportation.
We have seen a recent surge of 125cc / 150cc/ 250cc Moped Scooter sales at Customers main reason? Can't afford increase in gas prices!
With our line of TANK scooters and motorcycles seen at customers see the value in saving money at the pump and choose to go around town via scooters.
A lot has changed in the style and comfort of scooters (moped) since Vespa introduced their first line in 1946. With new designs and continued hike in gas prices, you should expect to see a lot more scooters on the road.

I want to buy an atv for my child, but is it safe?

This is the tough question that parents must face when purchasing a kids youth atv. Is it safe for my child to ride an atv? Like anything else there are certain risks involved and elements of danger. A bicycle is dangerous and can cause injury, a skateboard, a trampoline and even walking to school. Parents tell their children to ride a helmet when riding a bike and staying on the bike path and away from cars. This is how parents manage risk and minimize injury The same approach needs to be followed with atv riding.
First, buy an appropriate sized atv. Extreme Motor Sales has atv's from 50cc - 110cc for youth atvs. All too often parent's want to buy an atv that is too powerful and too large for children. The reason they give? "I want him or her to grow into that atv so I don't have to buy another so soon". Extreme Motor Sales' atv's are so reasonably priced that you can purchase a 50cc atv for $600.00. Allow your child to learn how to ride on a size appropriate atv or Dirt Bike and once they have mastered the mechanics for safe atv quad riding ,move them up in size. Small atv's hold their resale value and you will be able to recoup those costs while keeping your child safe. Most atv's come with fantastic safety features to keep your child safe while learning to ride such as throttle limiters or governors', which is a small screw attached to the throttle box that allows you to limit the speed of the quad atv. Tighten the screw down and the atv can be slowed down to a maximum of 5 MPH, loosen it to increase the speed as the child becomes more experienced. Also available are kids 50cc-110cc atvs with remote controls, the remote allows you to start, stop and set an audible alarm on the atv. If the child is driving towards a dangerous area and you want them to stop, you don't have to yell or chase them down, just hit the stop button also known as remote kill switch and the engine shuts off and the atv comes to a gradual stop. Another safety feature are foot wells, which are foot guards that connect from the front wheel fender to the rear wheel fender, that prevent children from putting their feet down and getting tangled in with the wheels. Remember the old 3-wheelers, they only had foot pegs, and if you put your foot down the rear wheel could and did run over them causing injury. Not the case any more.
Next, think safety gear. Use a recommended, quality dot, Department of Transportation approved helmet. Our dot youth helmets start at $60.00. Often heard…."What is the cheapest atv helmet that you have?" Don't make the same mistake, spend the money on a good helmet now and keep your child safe forever. You can get complete gear packages including helmet, goggles, chest protector, boots, jersey, pants and gloves for $299.99. Extreme Motor Sales has the RSVP program, which is Ride Safely Value Program that gives you an extra 10% off youth gear purchases when purchasing a youth atv. Purchase the safety gear and enforce the rules of wearing safety gear while riding or no riding at all. If you do not reinforce the importance of safety then your child will not either. Finally, an atv is not a babysitter or a way to keep your child busy while you do other things. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. There is no substitute for adult supervision to keep children safe while riding. Do not allow kids to ride passengers at any time. If you are not familiar with proper atv riding there are local groups that provide atv safety courses.
Parent's, atv quad riding is a great self-esteem booster, a healthy way to exercise and a great leverage tool for say keeping grades up. We at Extreme Motor Sales believe that atv riding is a sport that all children and families can and should enjoy.
Ride Safe, Ride Smart and Ride Forever.

Kids ATV's and Dirt Bikes are not just for Boys, Girls Ride TOO

Altamonte Springs, Florida April 4, 2007
Finally, manufacturers are starting to realize that girls ride ATVs and dirt bikes too. How do we know? In past years, ATVs and dirt bikes were made in 4 basic colors; Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. If you were a girl you had to choose red or yellow as the "Girl Color". What was the fun in that? Being able to personalize your off-road product is what makes you an individual and we didn't think girls should have to settle for red or yellow any longer. Three years ago we asked our manufacturers in China to make pink plastics so that we could target female riders. They basically looked at us like we were crazy, but each year we continued to champion the fight for girl themed products. We wanted PINK, pink dirt bikes, pink ATV's, pink helmets and pink riding gear. Six months ago we got our wish and we began selling girl themed atvs. On our Just for Girls page located at ExtremeMotorSales we offer ATV's and Dirt Bikes in pink, purple and pink camouflage. The sizes range from a small 50cc - 110cc for girls and 150cc-250cc for women. We offer matching pink helmets and pink gear to keep them safe and stylish. In a 2006 national survey 37% of new ATV and dirt bike sales are to the female demographic, roughly 350,000 units. Female ATV and dirt bike ownership is on the rise with new colors and design options to entice the young and old riders alike. We can happily say that the Female demographic is no longer being ignored.